The LT-102-PCIe

PCI Express Media Acquisition and Compression Board

The LT-102-PCIE is an HD video capture board that can compress HDTV video in real-time without using the host computer’s CPU resources. The product is installed in an available PCI Express slot on your host system.

This board captures video from both analog and digital HD and SD video sources via DVI, RGB, VGA, component, S-video, or composite connectors. In addition to external video sources, the LT-102-PCIE can compress from host internal video sources such as files or DirectShow devices including USB and Firewire cameras. An HD/SD-SDI option is available.

LT-102-PCIeThe LT-102-PCIE compresses video in compliance with the H.264/VC-1 standard also referred to as WMV-HD. This codec was originally developed by Microsoft, this format is supported natively by most software decoders. Audio is compressed via the WMA codec.

This powerful board can compress 1080p/i at up to 30 frames per second (fps). 2048×2048 can be encoded at 15fps. At lower resolutions the maximum compression frame rate increases. If the frame rate is higher than the board can handle, frame decimation can be enabled allowing high frame rate source to be acquired at a lower frame rate.

Compressed bitrates can vary between 64Kbit/s and 80Mbit/s depending on resolution, frame rate and quality desired. An uncompressed video capture function is also available for snapshots or continuous raw video acquisition.



  • Real-time HD/SD video acquisition and compression
  • Full frame rate HD frame grabber for simultaneous uncompressed video capture
  • HDTV 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i compatible
  • Very low compression latency
  • Multiple digital and analog video inputs including RGB, DVI, s-video…
  • HD-SDI/SD-SDI option
  • PCI Express x1 – can be placed into any PCI Express slot
  • Synchronized audio capture
  • Text overlay prior to compression
  • H.264 video codec
  • VC-1/WMV-HD video codec
  • Bitrates from 64Kbit/s to 80Mbit/s
  • Economical Monochrome mode, if color is not needed
  • Windows, DirectShow, Silverlight, Media Services support
  • Linux support
  • IP or I only encoding
  • Use multiple cards for multichannel systems


Typical Apps

  • HDTV capture and storage
  • Digital video recorders
  • Video Medical systems
  • Endoscopy DVR
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Internet broadcasting
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video over LAN
  • Inspection systems
  • Machine vision video recorders


Board diagram:


LT-102-PCIe diagram


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