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The LT-101-PCI

Media Acquisition & Compression Board

The LT-101-PCI is an HD video capture board that can compress HDTV video in real-time without using the host computer’s CPU resources. The LT-101-PCI is simply placed in in an available PCI (32-bit universal) slot or can alternatively be connected via USB to a host system.

This board captures video from both analog and digital HD and standard resolution video sources or cameras via DVI, HDMI, RGB, VGA, component, s-video, or composite using connectors on the PCI bracket.Screenshot_4

In addition to compressing captured video, the LT-101-PCI can also from host internal video sources such as files or DirectShow devices.

These devices might include USB or Firewire cameras. For SDI sources an optional HD/SD-SDI adaptor daughter card is available. The LT-101-PCI is an encoder that compresses video in compliance with the VC-1/SMPTE-421M standard also referred to as WMV-HD or WMV9. This standard, originally developed by Microsoft, is natively supported by most popular software decoders and media players.

This board has the ability to acquire 1080p and 1920×1200 (WUXGA) at 60 fps (frames per second) as is capable of compressing of 1080 signals at up to 30 frames per second (fps).

At 2048×2048 resolutions the LT-101-PCI can encoded at 15fps.

If the frame rate/resolution combination is higher than the board can handle, a frame decimation unit can be enabled thus allowing the high frame/pixel rate source to be acquired and then compressed at a lower frame rate.

The resulting compressed bitrates can vary between 64Kbit/s and 80Mbit/s depending on resolution, frame rate and quality desired.

As LT-101-PCI compresses video it can also simultaneously function as an uncompressed/raw video frame grabber for preview or host processing.

If system or PCI bandwidth is insufficient for full frame rate transfers of uncompressed video, frames will be cleanly and automatically dropped. This essentially reduces the frame rate without broken images.

Along with video the LT-101-PCI also captures and compresses 2-channel audio thus providing a complete multimedia acquisition and compression solution.

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